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How to order a machine embroidery design

Why order a machine embroidery design ?

  Very often when buying an embroidery machine, be it an industrial machine or a small home machine, the owner is looking for quality embroidery designs to get started. Yes, I agree, many designs can be found on the Internet on websites, forums and free downloads. But, as a rule, and very often, free designs have a lot of flaws, or they are small in size. Which is not always suitable for a particular product. And then the question arises, what to do? Many machines have a function to enlarge or reduce the design. Yes, this function can be accessed if:

  • The design needs to be enlarged or reduced by a small percentage
  • You can edit this design yourself in your program.
  • Or the quality of the finished product is not critical for you

 However, it is always necessary to take into account the fact that with an increase (decrease) in the machine embroidery design, the density of the embroidery, the stitches also change in percentage terms. And it doesn't always look good on the finished product.

  Because the design is developed with different density (for different fabrics). The size of the design and the stitches are also laid down taking into account what and where this design will be embroidered on.

 What to do if you want or need to embroider, but there was no corresponding design? In this case, you can contact the developers of machine embroidery design. Or learn to design your own.

What you need for a development order:

  Choose a photo or picture of good quality (Ideally - a vector file) file formats (jpg, bmp, png, PSD, CDR).
  Draw up a technical task, indicating the desired dimensions of the design, the format of the embroidery file that your machine understands, or indicate the make and model of the machine.
  Specify the type of fabric and stabilizers you plan to use (optional).
  Contact us by any of the methods below.

There are several ways to order an embroidery design:

  • Write a letter with your design requirements to E-mail:
  • Contact us page "Contact"
  • Fill in the "Order Form" with the addition of images or sketches and a description of your wishes.

No advance payment required to calculate the cost.

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